Oscar and Bentleys, Canterbury

My new favourite 100% gluten free cafe! Not only was everything gluten free (even the chips), they do spectacular onion rings to share, plus a great selection of gluten free beers and desserts for afters. I thoroughly enjoyed my pulled pork bap with apple sauce and chips, washed down with a Celia lager, and the other half had a halloumi burger and a gluten free ale which tasted great! A little gem in the city centre near Debenhams, really reasonably priced and brilliant, friendly staff. I would go there again tomorrow, if it was more local! This is definitely the kind of place you want in your town, you’d probably never want to go anywhere else!  



Truscott Arms, Maida Vale

Popped in here for a really speedy dinner before going to see my friend’s comedy show nearby. Really impressed by the menu choices as this pub is predominantly gluten free! We had a couple of delicious burgers and chips, a rarity, and gluten free beer, and certainly left with smiles on our faces and a desire to go back and take our time! Worth the trip if you are in London, beautiful pub too! http://www.thetruscottarms.com


Italfresco Gluten free Polenta

Trying this for dinner tonight, you can fry it, bake it, grill it, microwave it…. I’m going to try frying it in slices. Picked it up in Morrisons for less than £2, hopefully it will taste great! It’s a good substitute for potatoes or chips.  


Provena Taste Test

I was contacted by Provena and asked to taste test some of their yummy gluten free oat products! So far I have tried the muesli, which was really tasty, sweet enough with the dates and no raisins (thank goodness!) and really a tasty start to the day. I would definitely buy this again. Also tried the jumbo oats and made a flapjack, again it was lovely, and the oats themselves large, firm and tasty. I’m planning on making some pasty/tarts with the oat flour, and will be stashing the porridge sachets for the Autumn! If you are gluten free and can tolerate oats, these guys know their stuff! 


Honest review of Nibsys, Reading

Having read about Nibsys 100% gluten free cafe and seen good reviews from fellow local coeliacs, we visited it for lunch today whilst doing some bank holiday browsing. 

I was obviously excited and keen to try something from the chilled lunch selection. I initially picked up a mozzarella, sundried tomato and olive toastie, same as Joe, but then noticed the sausage rolls (3 for £3.60) so I tried those instead. Also ordered an iced latte and we went to sit at our table downstairs. Decor is lovely, really cute little cafe.

We were served our food quickly, and it looked simple but nice. The sausage rolls were unfortunately very dry and quite tasteless inside, and I was served a hot latte instead of an iced one, but I didn’t say anything so had it anyway. They were obviously pretty busy. Strangely, they served the sausage rolls with sachets of ketchup and mayonnaise, both of which said that they had been manufactured in a factory which may contain cereals containing gluten….. For me as a coeliac, alarm bells rang and I didn’t touch then, despite the sausage rolls crying out for some extra flavour and sauce! We asked the waitress if they knew about it, and she said yes, they had tried them out on the owner, a coeliac, who hadn’t had any reaction. Ummmmm, ok, but some coeliacs might be far more sensitive than others! It did make me a little uneasy about their ideas of 100% gluten free, having originally thought I could happily eat everything in the shop! 

Having been left a bit bemused, we ordered a lemon curd cake to share, and that was nice, if again a little dry. The best thing was by far Joe’s toastie, should have stuck with that in the first place!

I would go back, purely for the novelty of being able to have a GF sandwich quickly and easily, but I must say, I wasn’t as blown away as I thought I would be. Which is a shame, but I’m sure there is room for improvement and they will get better as they go along.